Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New York Screening

I've made it to NY. Its definitely been a journey with this film. I'm glad that some people are being aware of the documentary. My film has been invited to be screened at a community college in Long Island, New York. I had someone contact me and said he was very interested in my film and bringing it to the community in Long Island. Well i got to know the person overtime before I decided to take a trip to NY. To make the story short, I'm glad my film touched someone because he realized my film was making a difference and most importantly it was doing something positive. That is definitely the reason why I love what I do... Filmmaking and making a difference. Thank you to folks of Long Island for making things possible and making dreams a reality. Much love!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Austin,TX Film Festival

I will be in Austin, Texas these next few days.  My film entered the RxSM Film Festival. I am really excited and ready to party a little. But more importantly, Ill be finding some business.  What I mean is NETWORK! What's cool is that SxSW film festival is happening the same time.  You better believe I'll be crashing that! I need to represent! Much Love!
My screening info:
Saturday March 8
Juju Foto Factory
Austin, Texas