Friday, February 25, 2011

Finish With My SF Section of the Doc

Last night was my final day of filming Santos. He had a show in Sacramento and he rocked it! It was a good show and he did his thing.  I give him props for doing whatever it takes to get exposure. He's a very committed person.  Thank you Santos for allowing me document a part of your life. I wish nothing but luck for you! Santos has been doing it for the last ten years or so. And its all for love for music. Its only time when something good will happen. I believe that people always get rewarded for hard work. Its called "paying dues."

Everyone at this point that I have interviewed has paid their dues.  That's the energy I feed off from. I know I mentioned this already, but it helps to be around people who want to do something with their lives. Folks like Santos, RDBM, The Salvadoran Author, and FenomeDon inspire me.

Seeing Santos onstage that night hyped me up. I wanted to get onstage and be one of those background guys who rapping with MC. I feel like the Spanish hip-hop is part of me now. I've been constantly around it, the last few months. I can't rap, but maybe on one of my next coming logs Ill write some lyrics and get poetic.

I've really got into this doc that I am feeling like a hip-hop artist. That might be a good thing... I'm just feeling the vibe and I just happen to see a good show from Santos.

I am almost done. Heading to La La land soon to finish!

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Busy Last Two Days

On monday I was glad that we were able to shoot at a pupuseria restaurant in the mission district. I have to say "Balompie Cafe and Restaurant" is probably the best place to get some homemade style pupusas. Its real Salvadoran food. They are off of Capp and Mission. If you are ever around the mission district in San Francisco, you have to go and try them.  Hands down, the best spot.  I was really excited about filming there. All of the customers were looking curiously because I had set some lights and plus I had the camera fixed up with the redrock adaptor, so it looked legitimate.  The waiters and wiatresses were all cool and helpful. They reserved a spot for me in the restaraunt, so they made it easier for me to film. I want to say thank you to the owner for making it happen. Good looking out! The interview was just as good.  Here Santos opened up and we carried a conversation about his journey in the music game. This was pretty much our last sit down interview. So it was important that Santos said what he needed to say. It all worked out. I just can't wait to start editing, but I want to wait till my last interview, which will be on March 1st.

Yesterday,  I was in on another studio session with Santos. I believe I have been to three sessions already, so its good that I catch him working on his album. That's really important for the documentary because I want to make sure I get them in action. I learned something to about studio sessions... its a long process to get something right. I learned about bpm, bars,  counts,  hooks, and verses.  All that is another language but it is also very similiar to the filming process. In every art form there is some sort of structure and process that everyone goes through. I know some people would be bored going through the process, but I don't because I enjoy the fact that I see something get created.

I am almost done with Santos's section of the documentary. We have few more shoots, a show, a photo album cover shoot, and finishing off the second half of the video. I almost done! I can't beleive it. At this rate when I get done I might not have a job because I have been taking too much time off already. Oh well, this is for my art. I'll worry about it when I am really broke, which is very soon.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

Sunday, February 13, 2011

6am Shoot Today

It was an early shoot for me this morning. Today was part-one of making Santos' music video. We are going to break it up in two days to finish it. We decided to do a music video since we weren't schedule to have an interview.  We both felt we had to do some sort of filming. So we did!  I think its been almost four years or so that we've been trying to make a music video.  Time and scheduling was always a big issue.  I feel those two things has always played a factor in my life.  If its not time or scheduling, then its definitely a money issue.

But I am glad it happened this way, I couldn't of asked for better timing! Since I have been documenting him and his music this whole month, it made sense to make a music video. The song that we will be doing is "So blessed," it is a song from his up coming album. The song is a uplifting, feel good song. Actually, I filmed one of his studio sessions when he was recording "So Blessed." So that was cool to witness.  

I'll probably use some of the video for my doc. the good thing is it all relates. I am capturing peoples lives, action, and what their doing at that particular moment.  So I am glad that I can share this experience and be part of this moment. I am even happier that I will have two music videos made in the last two months...along with making this doc. My other video that I made was with "Reyes Del Bajo Mundo," when I was on my east coast trip. I got the filming bug right now so I am shooting for the stars! I have to think big, that's the only way.

Right now, I am taking a break at Starbucks, drinking some warm green tea.  Santos dropped me off by fisherman's wharfs when we were done with todays shoot. I had a good day and wanted to jump on the blog to share this moment. When I am done with my tea, I am going to walk around the city to shoot some b-roll for the doc. Like I said I got the shooting bug!

Tomorrow should be fun because I got permission to shoot inside a pupuseria restaurant. Santos will be doing one last interview in the mission district.  I'll let you know how that goes.

The work don't stop!  God Bless!

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still Filming in S.F.

I don't think I have had a break since I got back from the east coast. I literally shot the next day! I've been so busy that I keep forgetting to keep my blog updated. This past weekend I was all over the city filming with Santos. We've been getting a lot of stuff done. I'm just happy that everything is going as planned. Santos and I have scheduled out the month so far. We have one more one-on-one interview at a Salvadoran restaurant, couple of studio sessions, one concert, and a music video to do. I have to do all this, this month because I have to return the equipment soon. Santos is one down dude.  He's all about getting stuff done.  I like the fact that he's working on his second album, its good that he i continuing on and showing that he is in this for the long run. He's been doing it for the last so many years traveling back and forth from Central America and the states.  He has the skills and talent, there is no question about that. I've seen him rock a few shows. He definitely a performer and knows how to work a crowd.  He's got it!  I think everyone so far that I have interviewed has the potential to have an impact in this game.  As for Santos you see the dedication in his eyes and he's sacrificed a lot to be where he's at.  A lot of this will be learned in the interview process.

Im holding up pretty good. I'm trying to keep strong minded because I've been a little worn out, but I will finish strong. Its really tough to do everything by yourself.  But people like Santos wants me to continue with filming because he's interesting that I want to capture every moment. Some day I will have a budget and crew to make things go smoother. As of now, this is indie status.  I still have one more interview to complete my project. I have the professor to film and he should be the last piece of the puzzle. Once i am done, I can take a short break before I get into editing. The plan is to finish no later than the first week of march.

Plus, I need to get done because I need to get back to work and make some money. My money in my bank account is getting less and less. I've been gone for a month or so!  I'm trying hard to not to stress, but I have to finish this project. Its been in the waiting for the last four years or so. I'm going to be hurting for money next month. I am going to be strong and figure it out. Work has been slow and I don't think they liked that I took a month off. Its something I will deal with, but I believe in my project and I understand the potential it has. Its a risk that I have been taking, but if you don't try in life, then you don't make nothing out of yourself. All I can do is believe and keep the dream alive.

Tomorrow I will be filming Santos at the studio. I always enjoy to see the creative process happen, from writing, to making beats, to recording. I'll let you know how things go tomorrow. I still have a little energy in me. Ill be okay!

I am still alive and making it happen!

Until next time.

Junior Gonzalez
The filmmaker