Monday, August 8, 2011

Dia Del Salvadoreno 2011

So much has been going on!!!!  I almost forgot to mention that I filmed my "ending" for my doc this past weekend. I've been so stuck and focused with my film that I've been on a "one track mind." But, I am glad to say, I HAVE AN ENDING for my film!  

Fenomedon, Reyes Del Bajo Mundo, and Santos were all in Los Angeles to perform at the Salvadoran Day Festival. It was a Saturday and Sunday event where all three artists performed both days in the heart of South Central where a large number of Salvadorans exist. When you're in these types of areas sometimes you'll feel like you're in Central America or Mexico because these both cultures are heavenly present in these types of area.

This past weekend every food cart and truck was out last weekend. It was hot and a good day to be out. I love it! Its a good weekend to be a Salvi. We've come a long way!

It took some time to plan for all three artist to come out for this festival.  To be honest I wasn't sure if it was going to happen (due to everyone had different schedules and mainly everyone lived in different parts of the states), but it all worked out.  For me, the fact that these guys were able to get together and make it to this event showd the importance of what they want to accomplish and what this movement means for them.  It was a very symbolic moment for me to see all this happen.

I know each artist feel the same way as I do, as far as improving the future of our salvi communities in the states.  I feel like it's in our hands to seek improvement. And because we're all salvi's in the US, we know it will transmit to the motherland, since there is still a connection between the two countries.

There words and presents were definitely heard at the festival. Hopefully, it's a spark for the community to move forward and begin new chapter in our history.  People were actually digging the music, I could see how people were tuning into their words and rhymes.  Since the music has been growing over the years, finally people are hearing the noise.  For salvadoran folks, they are use to hearing traditional music like cumbias. Now its a different generation, now its a different movement.

It was definitely a good weekend for me. I was happy, proud, and surrounded with good energy around me. I was more happy that is was a good turnout and people were out supporting the festival.  People were out with their family, eating pupusas, dancing, and laughing.  

This was a very important event for my film because everyone came together to rock a show.  For me it brought a better conclusion to my film - No matter how far apart everyone is ... the community and movement will always grow. I have to thank one of the coordinators from the festival, "Mr. Sanchez," he  made all this possible for me.

Thank you!
Thank you my gentes!
Thank you all for being part of this!

That's it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

Monday, August 1, 2011

New York, New York

I am amazed how smoothly I am going through the NY section. After going through two interviews already, I am establishing a nice rhythm and structure. Because of the structure, my edits are happening easy and naturally.  And when I say naturally, I mainly mean that I am not forcing the conversations when I am editing everything together. I already know what I am looking for when I am putting the interviews together.  The way I am shaping the conversation is very simple ... I am just laying everything down on the timeline of Final Cut Pro.   I pretty much listen to all of the conversation from beginning to end without taking notes. There is no trick to it, but I think by listening to everything first before making notes, helps. Its probably a longer process, but it has helped me concentrate more on the interviews. I feel you are going to hear the interview more than once. If that's the case, make sure remember what is being said.

I let the talking influence my thoughts and how I approach my edits. Its obvious that I cannot use every conversation for my movie, but at least I can decide what conversation seems to be stronger than other conversations. To me... deciding what conversation is stronger then the other all depends on the theme of the film and how in-depth the conversation is, in which usually the in-depth conversation will help the theme of the film. Since I have various conversations on different topics, I pay attention how one leads to another and then I eliminate, add, and test. If it flows, then I just go with it. 

At this point, I figured out a structure that best suits my project.  Since NY is my third interview, it has been getting a lot easier to edit. What worked for me in the other two previous interviews is working out for my NY section.  I am aware things are going to change when I piece every interview together and make it a feature length film, but the style and structure of the film will not change.  And that structure has been already established. 

At the rate I am going, I should be done with my NY section in a few weeks or so.  I sure miss New York.  I really like that city.

That's it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker