Friday, July 19, 2013

Thanks for showing love to "Words of Revolution" - Los Angeles screening

It was a wonderful night in Los Angeles! I don't think I have ever experienced this kind of feeling. It looks like my film is touching people and thats all I can ask for. People came out today because they were curious of what "Words of Revolution" was all about.  I am just grateful that people came and had an open mind. The response was nothing but positive. Its a good feeling when people respond in a good matter. I feel that is always a challenge! But it looks like people were feeling the film. Now its just keeping the movement  going! Thank you all to who came to the screening. The much support is well received!

Also much love to DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT THEATRE... you make dreams come true!

130 people came out to experience the film

Q-and-A after the screening

Sydney Levine from IndieWire doing an interview

Moments before firs frame

Cruz from the group "Reyes Del Bajo Mundo" taking stage
Fenomedon all participated in the performance

Santos performing after screening as well

the pre-screening party

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 15 - July 18 Publicity week for "Words of revolution

This was a special week.  Being in Los Angeles is such a special place because it is the entertainment capital of the world. Anybody in the TV and Flim business, this is the place to be... only because of the opportunity and exposure you can get. My game plan was to do what I can to get the word out for my film. With help with good friends, anything was double.  I don't have a agent... I am not known ... but I have a product. That product is my documentary. It is amazing how people respond when you actually have something to show.  I am very thankful for completing "Words of Revolution." Without "Words of Revolution," I am nothing! That is the truth. It was a busy week! But I put in some time and work... and it paid off.  Thanks to a friend it was all possible.

"Lanzate" a local TV show in Los Angeles

"Breakbeats and Rhymes," a hip-hop radio show 90.7

A Nat'l TV show

Much Love,

Junior Gonzalez

Saturday, July 13, 2013

LA LA Screening

For the last couple months or so I have been busting my ass to put together another screening.  The venue will be in Downtown LA.  I'm really looking forward to this event. Following the screening their will be live performances by the artist from the film. We are all getting together once again. The last time we were together was in 2011 "Dia Del Salvadorenos." Its going to be like one big family.

I am expecting a good turn out. So we will see what happens. I'm living it!