Thursday, October 24, 2013

East Coast Premiere

It was an honor to screen my film at Maryland University. I had to take the opportunity and make the trip to Washington DC.  Also,  it was pretty cool that I went to another state to screen my film. Much love to the Latino Student Union for making it happen. Go Terps! They really came through and supported.

For me it was an opportunity to get a different perspective of people from the East Coast. I've learned that Latinos on the West Coast are totally different from the East Coast. And what I learned from the audience, they were being exposed to a different type of Latino movement in the West Coast.  For the most part their are two Latino groups that are present in the West Coast ... Mostly, Mexicans and Salvadoran/Central Americans come in second in a good medium size. Their are other latino groups of course, but they do not come in numbers like the two groups I mentioned.   Compared to the East Coast ... Latinos are "one" for the most part. They are very meshed together.  In DC,  Salvadorans are the most populated Latinos, but at the same time there are a good size of Dominicans, Peruvians, Columbians, and Mexican. So for the most part it is mixed.  It is not so much mix in the West Coast. And because of the mix culture in DC, the Latino Experience is probably a lot different ... I find that very interesting and I am learning that myself. I just wanted to point that out.  But it was cool that the audience learned a different side and something new. They seemed to be intrigued so thats good! Nothing wrong with a little education.

And of course people were interested in the Spanish Hip-Hop. Its always been my hook! The audience were not aware of Salvadorans being part of the underground hip-hop scene. I always get excited when I expose something new to people. Overall, everything went well, I was happy with the turnout and happy to see people were curious.  Little by little the film is growing.  Washington D.C. will always have a special place in my heart.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The After Day Screening!

I just want to thank everyone for all the support that I have been receiving for my film. I am just glad people are understanding the film and appreciate the message that is being giving. I am now realizing that I have something special. My film is really touching peoples heart. And that is all that I can ask for.  I am just trying to make a difference. And it looks like I am doing it! This was a special screening because I was in my hometown and more important good friends and my family came out to support me. I just want to keep the momentum going! I hope to touch everyone and hope good things happen from all this.  I am ready to show that there is a "New kind on the block."

Mission District SF

The first Frame

Q and A 

Conflikto Armado

Saturday, August 17, 2013

San Francisco SCREENING

Today is another big day ... I have a screening in San Francisco.  We will see how the night goes!

Join the movement!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thanks for showing love to "Words of Revolution" - Los Angeles screening

It was a wonderful night in Los Angeles! I don't think I have ever experienced this kind of feeling. It looks like my film is touching people and thats all I can ask for. People came out today because they were curious of what "Words of Revolution" was all about.  I am just grateful that people came and had an open mind. The response was nothing but positive. Its a good feeling when people respond in a good matter. I feel that is always a challenge! But it looks like people were feeling the film. Now its just keeping the movement  going! Thank you all to who came to the screening. The much support is well received!

Also much love to DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT THEATRE... you make dreams come true!

130 people came out to experience the film

Q-and-A after the screening

Sydney Levine from IndieWire doing an interview

Moments before firs frame

Cruz from the group "Reyes Del Bajo Mundo" taking stage
Fenomedon all participated in the performance

Santos performing after screening as well

the pre-screening party

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 15 - July 18 Publicity week for "Words of revolution

This was a special week.  Being in Los Angeles is such a special place because it is the entertainment capital of the world. Anybody in the TV and Flim business, this is the place to be... only because of the opportunity and exposure you can get. My game plan was to do what I can to get the word out for my film. With help with good friends, anything was double.  I don't have a agent... I am not known ... but I have a product. That product is my documentary. It is amazing how people respond when you actually have something to show.  I am very thankful for completing "Words of Revolution." Without "Words of Revolution," I am nothing! That is the truth. It was a busy week! But I put in some time and work... and it paid off.  Thanks to a friend it was all possible.

"Lanzate" a local TV show in Los Angeles

"Breakbeats and Rhymes," a hip-hop radio show 90.7

A Nat'l TV show

Much Love,

Junior Gonzalez

Saturday, July 13, 2013

LA LA Screening

For the last couple months or so I have been busting my ass to put together another screening.  The venue will be in Downtown LA.  I'm really looking forward to this event. Following the screening their will be live performances by the artist from the film. We are all getting together once again. The last time we were together was in 2011 "Dia Del Salvadorenos." Its going to be like one big family.

I am expecting a good turn out. So we will see what happens. I'm living it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thank God For Film Festivals

Its always good to see my film on the big screen! I am doing my best to get my film out there as much as possible. Thank God for film festivals. Without them not a lot of films get recognize and on top of that ... I know its hard to get into one.  So much love for Reel Rasquache Art and Film festival. They really showd some love.

I am still waiting to hear back from some more film festival ... So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Official Selection for a Film Festival 2013

I just got word that my film entered a film festival. Its been a long wait and something finally happened! I am just glad that someone... in this case a film festival saw something in my film. I can't even explain how it feels after all the time and hard work that goes into a project. It really feels good to get some kind of recognition! This is definitely a start. The ball is finally rolling and we'll see where it takes me.  The long await for the documentary is here. I hope to make some noise and get good vibes from people that watch the film.

Also, I just want to give much love to Reel Rasquache Art and Film Festival for giving me an opportunity.  Thank you for believing in my film!

The film festival will take place in Los Angeles in mid-May.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The First Movie Screening

I am happy to say I had a good screening last week. I learned a lot that day and it gave me an idea of what kind of film I had. I felt the energy and good vibe from the crowd. I kept watching the film and time to time I would peek towards the crowd to see if they were engage or not.  For the most part they looked like they were. I definitely feel that there isn't much films about the Central American culture. Or anything that is positive. But that night... for some reason I was feeling the same way as the audience were.  There was an energy and vibe that I was talking about. If you are a filmmaker and go  through this process of screening with the audience ... then you know what I am talking about. To put it in easier terms ... you'll know right away if your film is working or not.

There was somebody in the crowd that said she was "shocked." She didn't get into too much detail of what she said, but I had a feeling what she was talking about. Since my film was not only about music, but it was also on an educational tip about the culture.  And I had a feeling that people may of thought they were going to see a "long music video." But I felt the history of the Salvi culture tied in pretty good with the Salvi Hip-Hop.

The folks that put everything together for the screening did a good job! I would like to thank CAUSA, the group that gave love to my documentary.  This is the beginning of my doc to getting out there. Slowly, but surely I believe my doc will make its way.

Also, I like to thank the online LA Weekly for doing a write-up about the event and documentary. Much Love!  Here is the link to check out:

The CAUSA crew who promoted my screening in L.A. 

I was signing posters and T-shirts after the screening

That's it for now.  There will be other screenings coming soon. I will keep you posted.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Screening

Its coming close to my screening date! I just made some posters and tshirts.  The posters I already have. The tshirts will take awhile to receive. I ordered a big bulk, so I can't wait.  TWO MORE weeks!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mind Discharge

Happy late new year! Sorry for being so late!

As soon as I finished editing my doc, my mind just turned off!  I needed some time away and get back to a normal life (if that even exist). You can say I took a little break. It was nice to not worry about anything for awhile. I didn't want to take too much time off, but enough time necessary to get recharged again.

Its been a light six months or so. I've been mainly working, saving some money, and figuring out my next move. During my so called mini vacation,  I learned that I did not get into Sundance... Obviously, since the festival past already. Though I have to say, I was okay with it. It did not bother me at all. That's just been my path!  If you have been reading my blogs, I think you get the idea that nothing can really effect me at this point. You have to keep it moving! I think being sensitive and feeling down all the time gets tedious.  But I'm a fighter and I never will give up. It's in my blood and that's how I roll.
But I have to say a couple of good things happened along the way. Last November or so I was able to score an interview in Los Angeles with EFE News. EFE news is a big spanish news agency that has a worldwide audience.  According to Wiki, they are the 5th largest news agency behind big companies like the Associate Press.

A regional reporter from Los Angeles saw my trailer and contacted me for a possible interview.  Of course I said yes and the interview happened within a week that he contacted me.  The cool thing is that I was able to get Santos and Randy involved. So that worked out very well! We ended-up  doing  the interview in "Little Salvadoran Town" on Vermont.

It was a very productive day and it felt good to get some recognition.  The article was  passed around to other media outlets and I got a little publicity that way.  Not bad for a small timer like me! Like i said, "I gots to keep it moving."

And the last thing that I wanted to mention is that I am finally getting a test screening of my documentary. I am very excited about that because I will have a good crowd and so I can get some  feedback. It's a big test to see how people will react to my film! That will happen at the end of March.   We will see!!!

And I wanted to say thank you to the field reporter from EFE news in Los Angeles. Much Love!

Thats it for now!

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker