Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

I can't believe it! Today is actually one year since I took my trip to New York. It doesn't feel like I've been editing for a whole year. That is crazy to me! I have to say this has been the most challenging project in my early career of filmmaking. I think the editing has been a huge process for me. I don't think I have ever tackled anything like this, so far.

From the BAY to NY to DC back to SF to LA 
I am still shuffling everything together and I hope to have a rough-cut by the end of this month.  Its going to be very rough but at least I will be able to see my vision come alive. This process is literally like shuffling cards. Since I've been placing everything on the timeline of Final Cut... All I have been doing is moving this scene this way, this scene that way, this scene over here, not good to have scene here.  Man, its not fun. I'm already getting a headache explaining all this.  But the good part is... I am not editing anything. Since all the pieces are already together, I am just moving sequences around.

I like the fact that I am moving quickly... that is good. The part that gets a little frustrating is finding sequences that will connect and flow with people to people.  Beginning this process feels like you don't really have a story and it just feels like people are only talking without having no connection with the following person who follows.  No story is formed at this point. It can drive you nuts!

I am sure everything will form and come together... I just don't see anything developing right this moment. I am very aware of this process, so i will be a little more patient.

Its part of the process...

Junior Gonzalez
The filmmaker

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012!

Can't believe another year has gone by. My new years was good. Nothing crazy happened, I just hung out with m family for a little bit. My aunt made some bomb ass Panes de pollo (Salvadoran Chicken Sandwich). Then after I went to a good friends place where I bought some Tic Tack (salvadoran vodka) and made it a night.  I hate to hear or have a new years resolution. I'm good with that.

What's important is to always be moving forward with life an pushing good momentum into the new year and continue on with what I started. That means in a few days its going to be my one-year anniversary since I took my New York trip. Wow! That means I have been editing for a whole year. For a Doc, I think that's average - more or less.

I actually made some progress with my doc this past new year weekend. I stared working on my opening credit sequence for my Doc. I think it came out good. I still have to add sub-titles and credits, but to get an idea how its going to start and look is a good feeling.  I have this thing that I have to ALWAYS work on my opening sequence for any projects. For whatever reason in my head if I can't capture the audience interest in the first few minutes, then they are not going to be interested in what world I represent. So  its always important for me to capture atmosphere and mood. So this weekend I hammered it down and worked before I left to m  new years party and wake up the day after to finish.

Since I have the opening sequence...I can fluently follow what comes afterwards - the story!

Hope you all had a safe and good New Years Day.
Follow your Heart and Dreams!

The Filmmaker