Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grabbing a few things for the trip...

I can say that I've had a productive week. I went to buy a few things for my trip that I know I will need. One was I bought a 16gig SD Card for my MY TOUCH phone. I needed a good amount of gigs because I will be using my phone to take production stills. I want to make sure I take enough pictures for my project so I can use them for posters, programs, websites, postcards, etc,.. and a 16gig SD card is plenty of room for a 1,000 or so pictures. 

I have to say my phone camera works pretty good. I changed the settings on my phone, so that I can get the best quality picture as possible (size and pixels).  I've done some testing already and I am very pleased with the image quality. I'm not trying to get too fancy with my production stills or buy an expensive camera to take pictures. But I do care about quality... My Touch phone is not bad and it works with what I am trying to do. A generic brand SD card cost me like 25.00 dollars. Since I'm on a budget, it works for me! It is better than buying a $800 hundred dollar or so camera.

The other thing I bought was a mono-pod.  Its a tri-pod without the other two legs. Its basically one pole, one stick, or whatever you want to call it that supports the camera... I thought this would be more useful because it is light and it doesn't take too much room. I had some experience using a mono-pod when I was filming a roadtrip documentary with my friend. It was handy and easy to use.  Its the main reason why I wanted to buy one.  I figured since I would be out-and-about with my talent going to different locations, a mono-pod would be convenient to travel while shooting. I'm just trying to be efficient with my time.  Also, I wanted to use the mono-pod because I want to limit the movement of the camera. I don't want to give my project TOO MUCH of a hand-held style. There is nothing wrong with a hand-held style, I just prefer not to have too much shakiness. When I mean TOO much, I mean like the TV show NYPD Blue.   

The last thing I got was a medium size duffel bag that has wheels. This item I wouldn't say I bought because a friends brother donated the bag to me. He knew I needed one. "Its an early Christmas present," is what he said. I was looking for a this type of bag because its big enough to pack stuff inside and small enough to carry or roll. I am trying to limit bags as much as possible. These days most airlines charge WAY too much to check in multiple bags. I'm packing light anyways, all I'm taking is underwear, t-shirts, and a couple of pants. And I can't forget my equipment ... thats the most important part! 

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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