Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Back on Track

I know its been a couple of months or so since you last heard of me. I have been working lately to get financially back on track. After my trip I was broke with a few dollars in my bank account and I wasn't sure if I was going to have a job or not. Luckily, I did not loose my job. Thank god! I was back on rotation with work as a camera guy. Even though I did not want to take a break from my project... I had to.  I had to be real with my situation... and the real situation is that - I NEEDED MONEY! I am not like most people where money is handed to them. I actually have to work to survive. I am on my own and I have bills bills bills.

The short time off was not a problem. There is nothing wrong with regrouping and planning your next move. I feel you have to do that! What is the purpose of life if you don't plan?  Like I said before, I'm at a stage where time is more valuable then ever and also time should never be wasted.

So far everything has paid off. Since I returned all the equipment that I borrowed, I was left without a computer. It was hard for me to edit sometimes because I would barrow my girl's computer off and on. It was hard to get in groove with editing, but I got some editing done with the time I had.  To fix the problem I saved some money and bought my own computer. I had to throw-down a lot of cash, but it was well worth it! After so many years I finally have my own computer! It's sad to say that, but the important part is that I did it on my own. Now, I am trying fix up my computer, so that I can properly work on it. I will be getting the editing software Final Cut Pro soon  and will be adding other software to get started.  Slowly, but surely I am making it happen. Once I have all the programs intact, I should be ready to roll. I will be editing around the clock.

With the time I did have, I was able to get a rough edit of my L.A. section of the doc. It still needs some work but the blocks are building and the project is coming alive. It looks like I will be editing all of the interviews seperatley and then I will be piecing them together. I am really excited because so far I am liking how my L.A. section is turning out.

I will keep you posted. Like I said slowly but surely things are getting done.
Thanks for be patient.

I tell myself everyday, "one step at a time!"

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker   

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