Friday, March 8, 2013

Mind Discharge

Happy late new year! Sorry for being so late!

As soon as I finished editing my doc, my mind just turned off!  I needed some time away and get back to a normal life (if that even exist). You can say I took a little break. It was nice to not worry about anything for awhile. I didn't want to take too much time off, but enough time necessary to get recharged again.

Its been a light six months or so. I've been mainly working, saving some money, and figuring out my next move. During my so called mini vacation,  I learned that I did not get into Sundance... Obviously, since the festival past already. Though I have to say, I was okay with it. It did not bother me at all. That's just been my path!  If you have been reading my blogs, I think you get the idea that nothing can really effect me at this point. You have to keep it moving! I think being sensitive and feeling down all the time gets tedious.  But I'm a fighter and I never will give up. It's in my blood and that's how I roll.
But I have to say a couple of good things happened along the way. Last November or so I was able to score an interview in Los Angeles with EFE News. EFE news is a big spanish news agency that has a worldwide audience.  According to Wiki, they are the 5th largest news agency behind big companies like the Associate Press.

A regional reporter from Los Angeles saw my trailer and contacted me for a possible interview.  Of course I said yes and the interview happened within a week that he contacted me.  The cool thing is that I was able to get Santos and Randy involved. So that worked out very well! We ended-up  doing  the interview in "Little Salvadoran Town" on Vermont.

It was a very productive day and it felt good to get some recognition.  The article was  passed around to other media outlets and I got a little publicity that way.  Not bad for a small timer like me! Like i said, "I gots to keep it moving."

And the last thing that I wanted to mention is that I am finally getting a test screening of my documentary. I am very excited about that because I will have a good crowd and so I can get some  feedback. It's a big test to see how people will react to my film! That will happen at the end of March.   We will see!!!

And I wanted to say thank you to the field reporter from EFE news in Los Angeles. Much Love!

Thats it for now!

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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