Monday, May 2, 2016

Distribution...The Final Stop!

I'm finally at the end of the road with my documentary... And I'm definitely seeing the other side of the rainbow. Sometimes I can't believe how fast everything happened. When I first started my project, I didn't think I would finish. But I never gave up and I always believed! Now it's cool that after all the hard work, one can find my film on itunes and Amazon. I feel very grateful now that someone can have the opportunity to explore and learn something new from my film. Who knows ... maybe my doc will end up as a classic or one of those cult films. Or I wouldn't mind seeing my film at a store on a shelf in a criterion film section. Haha. I guess we will see what happens... Only time can tell. But as for now, I will enjoy the moment and feel forever proud of this accomplishment. My film will forever live! And for someone who comes across this blog and my project...I hope this helps. So good luck with your film and don't give up! Goodbye, until the next project. Thanks for taking the time to read this.