Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Last Interview

Oh I am getting close... yes it feels good.  I haven't written anything for awhile. After I finished FenomeDon's section, I took a little break. I am really trying to pace myself and no burn myself out.  I still have time to finish....

I am not sure if I mentioned it or not, but my deadline to finish is in August. My goal is to make the Sundance deadline in August. I guess I am officially announcing that today.

Therefore, as I said I am pacing myself.  So what I have been doing the last month or so is I ended-up shooting a music video for Conflikto Armado.  The song featured my boy Santos and another up-and-coming artist El Graphiko.  We shot the whole video in the city, mostly by the Mission District.  We recruited some lovely ladies for Videos.  I have to say they are very lovely! Everything came out cool. As we speak, it is posted on youtube - just check out Amore video from Conflikto Armado. The Conflikto is cool, he is on the move and has something good going.  The man gots some skills! They plan to do big things with video... Hopefully!

After that I got back on track with my edit. It was a good breather.  Now I am in the process of going through the professor's footage. Last week I also locked down with a sound designer for my flick.  My boy Justin is a wiz for sound.  I call him "Dr. J" sometimes because he just does surgery on his sound work. Its amazing!  We spoke for awhile and met. And next thing you know we just clicked.

Even though I took a little break, I am always thinking about my project.  Now I am in the process of possibly getting some artwork for my doc.  I am still working out details and playing with the idea.  So I am holding off for now as far as explaining my idea.  But once I know, you will know.

Well that's it for now. I wanted to check-in and say wassup!

The Filmmaker

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