Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chopping and Chopping

I've been going through the professor stuff in the last weeks or so. When I put together all of his material, it came out to be almost 2hrs.  The professor I had so much information, that I wanted to keep everything. I know that's not going to happen! I have been going through different drafts and cutting out info that I don't need. It's been crazy for met to cut-down because there is so much detail information. Not only is their is so much information, I have to follow a timeline of events that leads to the past to present time.

The timeline is very important because it all ties in with my doc, as far as why we're in the US. As mentioned before, I am throwing an educational part to my doc. Its a must and I hope it works out. In my opinion it ties in why I went to different cities and why the salvi community is in search for their own identity and being part of today's American culture.

This past week, I made some progress and cut down the professors conversation to 45 minutes. That's not bad... compare to like almost 2hrs.  The 45 minute version was clean and it got to the point without effecting the timeline that I want to input in the doc.  I believe I was working the professors interview for the last eight days straight. I just wanted to get it done for two reason:

ONE:  I need to give my artist  sound bites of the professors conversation. My artist will be making some artwork that will go along with the professors conversations. In other words, the artwork will be cutaways to the professors interview.  I think it will make the professors section very interesting.  So whenever an event is being talked about, a piece of artwork will be shown! I'm just trying to get creative with this project.

TWO: I have the urge to finally put the whole Doc together. Yup, that's right. The feature begins!

That's it for now

the filmmaker

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