Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012!

Can't believe another year has gone by. My new years was good. Nothing crazy happened, I just hung out with m family for a little bit. My aunt made some bomb ass Panes de pollo (Salvadoran Chicken Sandwich). Then after I went to a good friends place where I bought some Tic Tack (salvadoran vodka) and made it a night.  I hate to hear or have a new years resolution. I'm good with that.

What's important is to always be moving forward with life an pushing good momentum into the new year and continue on with what I started. That means in a few days its going to be my one-year anniversary since I took my New York trip. Wow! That means I have been editing for a whole year. For a Doc, I think that's average - more or less.

I actually made some progress with my doc this past new year weekend. I stared working on my opening credit sequence for my Doc. I think it came out good. I still have to add sub-titles and credits, but to get an idea how its going to start and look is a good feeling.  I have this thing that I have to ALWAYS work on my opening sequence for any projects. For whatever reason in my head if I can't capture the audience interest in the first few minutes, then they are not going to be interested in what world I represent. So  its always important for me to capture atmosphere and mood. So this weekend I hammered it down and worked before I left to m  new years party and wake up the day after to finish.

Since I have the opening sequence...I can fluently follow what comes afterwards - the story!

Hope you all had a safe and good New Years Day.
Follow your Heart and Dreams!

The Filmmaker

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