Thursday, March 29, 2012

B-Roll for the Professor

I had a very quick trip to Los Angeles. I basically drove up late tuesday night and came back on thursday.

I had to do it! 

Its been almost a year where I have been trying to get with the professor to film some additional footage of him.  What made it difficult is that basically he lives down south and I live up north. We completely  had two opposite schedules.

I didn't really really push for the additional shoot until I was done with my rough cut.  It was crystal clear with my rough cut that I needed the extra footage.  Luckily, I was able to schedule something that last week of March.  Otherwise,  I would of had to wait till fall because after the last week of March is spring break and a few weeks after that school is out! And fall was not in my schedule to get my project complete.  Plus, I wasn't sure if I can get another day off in the middle of the week from work , since my job was getting busy. 

All in All... it happened.  I shot the footage of the professor giving a lecture to the students.  At the moment I am already testing the footage. 

Thank god that everything worked out!  

Junior Gonzalez 
The Filmmaker  

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