Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting it Done!

I just got done with all my subtitles. Doing subtitles was no joke! The good thing is that my movie was probably 30% in Spanish. So it took me a couple of weeks to go through the whole movie. What took long is that I had to place the translations in their proper place and I have to make sure one is able to read it long enough as it appears on screen. It's all timing.

But what was more challenging was translating the lyrics from the rappers. That was interesting! There was so much meaning and metaphors that I had to really think about how to say it properly in English.  I kept playing every song over and over till I had it right.  I had to make sure the translations sounded correctly because sometimes when you're translating Spanish to English ...  it does not sound as effective or meaningful. Therefore, I had to get creative and capture the essence of what these rappers were saying. All in all I got it done!

Working on my doc mostly every night on my train ride after work from SF to SJ
Next time I am hiring someone to do the translations and subtitles. That's when I have a budget! Some day I will! No it will happen!

I made my film 16x9, that way it feels like a film. I added all the effects to certain video clips. It literally took all day yesterday for everything to render. RENDERING SUCKS! I hope someday final cut changes that part of the software! The system takes to long for something to render.  I hate to wait... but that's part of t he process! Once it was done rendering, I watched the movie again and this time around I was really feeling the film!
Well that mean I am done! The final final final step is putting it on DVD. Hopefully that process shouldn't be too difficult. I guess I will let you know.
But I am done!!!! It feels weird!!!

I still have time to make that SUNDANCE film festival deadline! I am crossing my fingers!

Junior Gonzalez
The filmmaker

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  1. Congrats on this completion, J!! Thanks for the work