Monday, August 13, 2012

"It Sounds Like a Movie"

That is exactly what my sound guy told me when he called me, "It sounds like a movie."
I was very happy to hear those words! Its been a long wait and the sound is done.

I rushed to his place to hear it and I was good! We had some minor changes as we were both revising the sound but the sound came out good.

The sound definitely had that raw feel. The sound had a distinct sound as if everyone was talking on a microphone ... like if there was a venue and they were talking to a crowd.  What it added was the feel of a hip-hop artist on stage.  That is the feeling that I got since my doc deals with the Salvi underground hip-hop.  So I loved it.  I loved his creativity and direction that he took.

This is where all the sound cables  begin

Now I can say I'm on my last lap with this process. I am sure that I have been saying that recently, but I am smelling the finish line.

Sometimes I just want to just take a break ... but I know I can't because I have to make the Sundance Film Festival deadline.

Like I said before I still have to finish up with my credits and subtitles.

I am doing it!


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