Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The First Movie Screening

I am happy to say I had a good screening last week. I learned a lot that day and it gave me an idea of what kind of film I had. I felt the energy and good vibe from the crowd. I kept watching the film and time to time I would peek towards the crowd to see if they were engage or not.  For the most part they looked like they were. I definitely feel that there isn't much films about the Central American culture. Or anything that is positive. But that night... for some reason I was feeling the same way as the audience were.  There was an energy and vibe that I was talking about. If you are a filmmaker and go  through this process of screening with the audience ... then you know what I am talking about. To put it in easier terms ... you'll know right away if your film is working or not.

There was somebody in the crowd that said she was "shocked." She didn't get into too much detail of what she said, but I had a feeling what she was talking about. Since my film was not only about music, but it was also on an educational tip about the culture.  And I had a feeling that people may of thought they were going to see a "long music video." But I felt the history of the Salvi culture tied in pretty good with the Salvi Hip-Hop.

The folks that put everything together for the screening did a good job! I would like to thank CAUSA, the group that gave love to my documentary.  This is the beginning of my doc to getting out there. Slowly, but surely I believe my doc will make its way.

Also, I like to thank the online LA Weekly for doing a write-up about the event and documentary. Much Love!  Here is the link to check out:

The CAUSA crew who promoted my screening in L.A. 

I was signing posters and T-shirts after the screening

That's it for now.  There will be other screenings coming soon. I will keep you posted.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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