Friday, November 12, 2010

West Coast Filmming Starts Next Week in Los Angeles!

I added a couple of more interviews to the documentary - a Salvadoran writer/activist and a professor from a Central American Program. These are key players that would take my documentary to another level.  I felt I needed the two because - one, the Salvadoran writer/activist has a written published book about the "Salvadoran-American Experience." I said to myself, his interview would go smoothly along with the Hip-Artist story because he as well talks about making changes within the culture.  I happened to finish reading his book last night and I was blown away... its very inspirational! You felt his words and passion. I have to say, "what a life." Check out his book, "Hope in times of Darkness." I have been in touch with this individual for quite some time and it turns out that next week would  be a good  time to do any kind of filming. So I had to take advantage.

So I had to make arrangements to get a camera. My hommie came through with the camera. Ill talk about him soon. He's another filmmaker making his way in LA.

The second individual is the professor. He teaches and coordinates a Central American Program in Los Angeles. And get this... This university is the only college in the United States...I repeat ...the only college in the United States that offers a degree in Central American studies. I thought that was interesting. I reached out to this professor to see if he can help me with the history section for my doc. Who better then a professor who teaches Central American politics from El Salvador?...He's like an historian.  And to top it off, he's Salvadoran too. I set up a meeting with him  next week to talk more in detail of what I need for my doc. He would be helpful for my doc because I know for a fact everyone is going to mention the Civil War and Pre-Civil War of ES. Therefore, I wanted to find a professional who specializes in that department. Scheduling a proper interview will be tricky, but I will get a better idea next week of when I can film. I hope to meet up another salvi hip hop artist, if I can too... we'll see.

I was planning to film these individuals after my east coast trip, but time and scheduling was going to be an issue. It made sense to take advantage of time and availability. So it was a good idea to make moves now. Who knows how it would be in a few months or so. I didn't want to wait around and find out.

At the moment my East Coast trip is all set and a done deal. The guys from New York and DC know that I will be traveling from California... So we will see how it all goes down.

From my understanding with docs, you have to adapt with real-time - meaning, filming will be on-the-go and you have to be prepared for on-going changes and curveballs.

I'll keep you posted of how next week goes. Production started a little sooner than what I anticipated.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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