Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Rideshare to L.A

Got in this morning at 1am into L.A. -  I got dropped off at the NOBAR where I was meeting my cousin, since I am staying at his place for the weekend. If you live in North Hollywood (NOHO), that's the neighborhood bar that everyone goes to. I've met some good friends and creative people there. I feel the NOHO area is where there are the most real-down-earth-people working there way into Hollywood. I spent most of my time in this area. My boy works at the door and a bunch of us always hang out there. Its a energy filled with creative folks who are actors, directors, and post production guys.

When I got dropped off at the bar, the whole gang was there. They were laughing at me, saying I was crazy for taking rides from strangers. The guy who gave me a ride was pretty cool, I learned that he went to LMU like I did. I told my friends, "I gotta do, what I gotta do." That's just how it works. I had to return to L.A. for another shoot for my documentary. The Salvadoran author had a book presentation at a college. I thought it would be a good idea to get some more b-roll and show that he is trying to get his name out there. Plus, I feel more footage the better! I had to explain to a friend while having a couple of beers at the bar that I would be coming down to L.A. more than often.  I moved back to the bay area a year or so and for the most part I've been going back and forth to L.A. for certain productions or to have meetings. Therefore, I had to keep my friend in the loop since I have not talked to him for awhile.

He was telling me, I needed to move back...  I am in no rush, I  mentioned that I have a good freelance videography job in the bay.  That means I don't work everyday, I have free time, and most importantly I get paid good money.  Because of the economy right now, I couldn't find a gig like that in Los Angeles. I was very fortunate to find something. I had to take care of myself better because at the rate I was going, I probably would of been homeless and broke! Not fun at all, but that's an artists' life.  A mentor and a professor of mine from my LMU days always would tell me to never forget about the FOUR P's -- PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, PERSEVERANCE, and a PAYCHECK. He would say, eating and have a roof over your head is important to stay in the game.  You gotta survive. Its true!  So I am making it work for me.

So the four P's has always been a survival tool for me.  It has kept my dream alive!

That's it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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