Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping on EBAY for Doc

The date is coming soon! My flight leaves from L.A. early January. I am excited and anxious to get my east coast trip going. I was looking at the weather online and its going to be COLD! I think its going to average in the lower and upper 20's. That's cold for me. I am a California kid. The weather never gets lower than 60 degrees on my side of the coast. But it is all good. I went to go buy some thermos to keep me ass warm. Its looks like I will be dressing in layers.

Besides that, I have been buying a few things for my trip. The most important thing I bought was a zoom lens. For the interviews that I have been doing so far, I have been using a 50mm lens. I like the look, it gives a natural wide eye-look, as if one would normally see something close to 1-3 feet away. And the depth-of-field on it is great.  But since I am going to be out and about, I am going to need some sort of zoom lens to be able to control the focus while I am walking or moving around indoors and outdoors. I decided to get a 35-105mm lens on ebay. I like this length because you are able to get wide enough and its good enough to get a medium close-up on your subject. The lens allows me to have a good fair enough distance from my subject, so I can control and rack focus quickly. In my opinion, for someone who is on the move a lot, a lens over 200mm will take some time and be a little tricky to keep everything in focus. Another reason why I chose the 35-105mm zoom is because its decent in low light situation. The glass is not as thick and it doesn't cut down on too much light compared to a 200 or 300mm lens.  Even though its a slower lens, it is manageable to work with. I purchased the lens on ebay, so I hope it is in good shape as the posting indicated. So Ill keep you inform.

Another thing I purchased was a mic adaptor that goes on top of the camera. The adaptor allows me to hook up a shockmount w/ microphone on it. I thought this would be helpful, since I am not going to have a boom operator.  I purchased this already on ebay and received it. This purchase is all good!

The last thing I bought on ebay was some lens caps for the 50mm lens. The lens had some generic caps that did not fit properly. I had to purchase lens caps that had the correct sizes because I want to avoid any scrtaches or any possible accidents that can effect the glass! That would suck to find a scratch on the glass while I am filming! 

I bought a few sheets of diffusion gels to help me light as well. I bought the gels at a local Theatre shop by my home. This will help me control the hard and intensive brightness from the light kit I have.

Things are coming along! So far so good. I am always crossing my fingers!
This is it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The filmmaker

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