Friday, January 7, 2011

New York Baby!

I got in last night, I'm in queens area baby! I was too tired to write last night. Also, I was too damn COLD. I'm a Cali guy, so cold weather don't exist from where I'm from. But to be honest, it is not too bad. I'm actually enjoying the snow right now...yup, I said snow.

It has been a tough week. Early this week I took another rideshare to pick-up all the equipment from LA, so that I can use it for my trip.  I'm basically a rideshare king living my life on the road!  I packed about four bags. I have two big bags to check in and I will be also carring-on my Laptop bag and another small bag. I stuffed all of the lighting stand in my big duffel bag and stuffed the lights in my laptop bag. I made it all work! All of my lenses, microphone, other accessories are in a small bag. I basically have a whole studio in my luggage.  I'm like the one man crew on this trip. Lets just hope I don't get robbed!

But all in all,  its definitely good to be in New York.  The energy here is always live. The last time I came to the Big Apple was when my short film, "Woz's World," entered a NY film festival a few years back.  I took advantage of the opportunity and flew out to NY to help promote my film. Also, it was an excuse to go to NY... Why not!

Now I am back starting my east coast filming for my Doc. Last night, I took it easy. I am staying with one of the artists' place.  They good peeps.  I will be following the two guys of Reyes del Bajo Mundo for the next couple of weeks. I'll be in their own backyard of queens area.  So it should be interesting. I'm going to show where they are from and have multiple conversations with them to get to know them.  So I'm excited.   I think today we are getting six-inches of snow. I just hope snow does not become an issue when we're filming because I wanted to be outdoors with the group to walk around and capture the Queens area.

I'm getting a little nervous about the trip, but its a good nervous.  What I like the most about making this trip and filming... is that I really don't have an idea how things are going to turn out. That's the truth. I guess I am addicted to that rush and challenge.  I feel that is what filming is all about ... you plant a seed and watch it grow, while you nurture it. In this case the seed is the Doc idea, you let it grow by filming the subject, and you're nurturing it by telling your story.  I've always enjoyed that feeling and challenge.  I believe I am a creative guy and I feel when you're "planting the seeds," the creativity comes out and you make it to something special.  In my early film career, I've been taking those steps and letting things grow and develop.  So god bless that everything goes well on this project.

That's it for now.

The Filmmaker

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