Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pick-ups for The Doc

This past weekend I took another trip to L.A.  - My mom says I should just move back! I probably should, but I'll save that for another conversation.

Well, I went to a Salvadoran Student conference that was held in Cal State Los Angeles. It was very educational and very informal on my part.  I don't think I ever participated in an event that centers around Central American issues.  For my community that is very very important!

This committee that I have been in touch with has been very helpful and has allowed me to film this event. This event consisted of workshops, lectures, special guests, and a art show from Central American folks.  It was just a well rounded event. I was really glad to be part of this conference.  Being a Salvadoran, its really good to see the community come together and work towards a better future.

As far as how this event works for my documentary... well one of my interviewee talks about different organizations or educational organization coming together.  I thought this event would fit perfectly with his conversation. This conference would actually show images of that being true.  Even though the event will not be entirely focused-on, but it will be a demonstration of slavi organizations making a difference.

I'm proud of that and glad I was a witness to something positive and inspiring.

I like to thank my homie in NOHO, he came through with the equipment for me to film the event. Much love! It was good to be back for a little bit to see some friends and also a new friend ... wassup brea!  

Thats it for now!

Junior Gonzalez
The filmmaker

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