Monday, May 21, 2012

The L.A. Session Continues

I had a very productive weekend... Once again I made another trip to the city of Angelo. I hooked up with my editor and mannnnnn let me tell you that I am so happy and relieved!!

Damnnn, you have no idea how I was feeling the last couple of weeks. I was so burned out with my project! Ever since my editor took over ... he has really opened my eyes and has done major improvements to the film.

We went through all the interviews... we spliced out unnecessary dialogue and the interviews were becoming a lot smoother.

I want to thank my editor because he is a life saver .... I owe you man!!!!!  I really mean that!

We just spent a weekend and just talked about the doc.

We both agreed that my editor would be spending another month on the project. He has been doing a good job so and I want to continue that momentum.

I want to give another shout out .... thank you C.   She got my paintings done and damnnn they are tight! She surprised the hell out of me. She came out with her A game ... no joke! Her paintings are the very last thing I will be filming.  I will not be picking up another camera in a very long time.  I definitely saved the best thing for last!

I am very serious about these paintings, they came out great! She is a rising star. I am happy that she was able to be a part of my project ... she added a special touch to the project.  - "We fly like birds"

I am getting close ... thank you to the two that I mentioned today ... from all of my heart you have taking my project to another level ... all because of you!

I will be making another trip to LA LA land ... I should just move there again... we'll see .. LOL.

That's it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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