Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yes thats right, I said it! I have a final-cut!  Sorry for not writing in the last couple of weeks. My editor finished his part of the deal. He really came through and fixed my film. I can't thank him enough. When I picked up my project a couple of weeks ago ... I couldn't  believe what I saw! The doc really took a jump from where it started.  The doc is structurally where it needs to be!

One of the reasons why it took me a long to write is because I was working on transitions in between scenes. It took me a couple of weeks to do all that. For me, working on transitions was the very last thing I needed to do to complete the editing process. With the transitions, each scenes connect and the doc smoothly moves forward to each section and interviews.

Even though I have a final-cut ... this does not mean I'm done. What it does mean is that I can move to the next stage of fixing and mixing my sound.  Yesterday afternoon I met with my sound guy, "J-Doc." We finally got together and talked about a game plan to approach this project.  I am in good hands with J-doc. He is another talented dude who is good at what he does... sound.

After overcoming the final-cut stage, everything should be smooth sailing from this point.  All I need to do is sound work and finish up with my credits.

Almost there!

J-Doc getting ready to do some sound work for my film

Thats it for now.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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