Sunday, February 13, 2011

6am Shoot Today

It was an early shoot for me this morning. Today was part-one of making Santos' music video. We are going to break it up in two days to finish it. We decided to do a music video since we weren't schedule to have an interview.  We both felt we had to do some sort of filming. So we did!  I think its been almost four years or so that we've been trying to make a music video.  Time and scheduling was always a big issue.  I feel those two things has always played a factor in my life.  If its not time or scheduling, then its definitely a money issue.

But I am glad it happened this way, I couldn't of asked for better timing! Since I have been documenting him and his music this whole month, it made sense to make a music video. The song that we will be doing is "So blessed," it is a song from his up coming album. The song is a uplifting, feel good song. Actually, I filmed one of his studio sessions when he was recording "So Blessed." So that was cool to witness.  

I'll probably use some of the video for my doc. the good thing is it all relates. I am capturing peoples lives, action, and what their doing at that particular moment.  So I am glad that I can share this experience and be part of this moment. I am even happier that I will have two music videos made in the last two months...along with making this doc. My other video that I made was with "Reyes Del Bajo Mundo," when I was on my east coast trip. I got the filming bug right now so I am shooting for the stars! I have to think big, that's the only way.

Right now, I am taking a break at Starbucks, drinking some warm green tea.  Santos dropped me off by fisherman's wharfs when we were done with todays shoot. I had a good day and wanted to jump on the blog to share this moment. When I am done with my tea, I am going to walk around the city to shoot some b-roll for the doc. Like I said I got the shooting bug!

Tomorrow should be fun because I got permission to shoot inside a pupuseria restaurant. Santos will be doing one last interview in the mission district.  I'll let you know how that goes.

The work don't stop!  God Bless!

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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