Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Busy Last Two Days

On monday I was glad that we were able to shoot at a pupuseria restaurant in the mission district. I have to say "Balompie Cafe and Restaurant" is probably the best place to get some homemade style pupusas. Its real Salvadoran food. They are off of Capp and Mission. If you are ever around the mission district in San Francisco, you have to go and try them.  Hands down, the best spot.  I was really excited about filming there. All of the customers were looking curiously because I had set some lights and plus I had the camera fixed up with the redrock adaptor, so it looked legitimate.  The waiters and wiatresses were all cool and helpful. They reserved a spot for me in the restaraunt, so they made it easier for me to film. I want to say thank you to the owner for making it happen. Good looking out! The interview was just as good.  Here Santos opened up and we carried a conversation about his journey in the music game. This was pretty much our last sit down interview. So it was important that Santos said what he needed to say. It all worked out. I just can't wait to start editing, but I want to wait till my last interview, which will be on March 1st.

Yesterday,  I was in on another studio session with Santos. I believe I have been to three sessions already, so its good that I catch him working on his album. That's really important for the documentary because I want to make sure I get them in action. I learned something to about studio sessions... its a long process to get something right. I learned about bpm, bars,  counts,  hooks, and verses.  All that is another language but it is also very similiar to the filming process. In every art form there is some sort of structure and process that everyone goes through. I know some people would be bored going through the process, but I don't because I enjoy the fact that I see something get created.

I am almost done with Santos's section of the documentary. We have few more shoots, a show, a photo album cover shoot, and finishing off the second half of the video. I almost done! I can't beleive it. At this rate when I get done I might not have a job because I have been taking too much time off already. Oh well, this is for my art. I'll worry about it when I am really broke, which is very soon.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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