Monday, January 24, 2011

Halfway Through The East Coast

I'm down to my last week on my east coast trip. Everyday has been productive and I am satisfied with how everything is turning out so far. My first week in DC has been nothing but work! Like i said before we shot the first day I was here. I have nothing but respect for FenomeDon. He's been great and helpful with my journey to complete this doc. I can't stop talking about his energy... its ridiculous!  He's all about bringing the music and culture in a brighter light. I have a feeling we will be hearing his voice in the future. He's a hardworker doing his thing. I can actually say, I am a witness to that.

I enjoyed this past weekend as well. The Reyes Del Bajo Mundo came down from New York this weekend to do a track for FenomeDon's upcoming album. We also took advantage of finishing the Music video. This past Thursday before Reyes came down, Fenomedon and I took advantage of filming all of his section for the music video. I have to say, it was the most fun I ever had in a long time. It was good times because we shot only night shots and we were roaming around DC like 1100pm. We didn't return home until 330am or so. It was late, but it was the best time to shoot because no one was there to bother us. I am just surprised that we didn't get stopped by the police because we were filming around all of the monument areas. On that note, we made it work for us, considering we were using available light to us. I have to say we got some damn good shots! You'll see the end product once everything is all done. I can't wait! It was super cold that night too, I think we had to stop a few times to get hot chocolate and coffee. But I didn't care, it was all about making the video. Like I said before, I will do anything to be able to film. I love doing that. Its my drug.

Once Reyes came down, we went at it and filmed.  We were in the Chinatown area filming the last pieces of the music video. I was very excited that I completed this Music Video. In a way, its like being part of history because these guys are going to blow-up soon. They make good music. It's onlt a matter of time where the mass media will recognize them.  I'm glad Reyes and  Fenomedon can now include me in their collections of music videos. It also actually helps with my resume because I need more material like a music video to build on my reel. I never did a music video where I am filming in two different cites. I think that's really cool. What 's even better that, the video just happened! It was an idea that was being talked about, but I didn't know if it was going to happen or not. But it did! What this tells me is that it was meant to be and these guys are the real-deal. They definitly have paid dues... now they are hungry for results.

That night when I was done filming Fenomedon's section of the video, I woke-up from the few hours of sleep I had and started editing his section. This is a perfect example of when you have time and your priority is just only to film, then your able to finish projects much sooner.  I was in the east coast to work and I did.  I got a lot of the edits done that late afternoon. Also I wanted to work on it and get a head start because once I return to California, I was not going to have time to work on the music video. My main goal is to continue on to finish making my doc. Plus, I am going to be locked-up in room to edit everything. Not there yet but I have a lot on my plate.

Reyes returned back to New York that late Sunday night.  That same night me and FenomeDon sat in his kitchen table at 11pm and decided to finish editing the music video till the next day. We didn't get done until 7am the following day. We worked 8 hours striaght to finish up the music video with no sleep. After that, we  went to the market and bought a whole chicken, went to the bakery to get fresh sandwich bread, and got  some other ingrdients to make "Pan con Pavo"... A salvadoran style chicken sandwich. It was my way of celebrating the completion of the music video.

I make some good Pan Con Pavo! I still have another week of filming. Almost Done.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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