Saturday, January 15, 2011

Special Shout Out To Reyes Del Bajo Mundo! Bye Bye New York!

My trip in New York will be coming to an end tomorrow, as I am heading to DC to continue on with my doc on this east coast swing. I will be taking a shuttle bus tomorrow morning in Manhattan by time square area. Right now, I am in Jersey staying with a good college friend. RDBM left early Thursday morning to head to San Francisco to do a show.  I actually met RDBM at a Jamaica Queens subway station because I wanted to film them leaving the airport. I stayed up like for more than 12 hours that day.  I caught a path train from Jersey like 230am Thursday morning and arrived around 330am. It was all worth it!  These guys are the most dedicated and committed folks I know. They get down to business! Its really great that they are committed to spreading their music.  I'm a fan.

I tried to write everyday this week, I really really tried, but I was too damn tired.  Since my last blog I was literally filming everyday. It was crazy! But this is what i live for. I always get a natural "high" when I am filming.  I really believe that I am addicted to filming. To tell you the truth, I was so caught up with all the action that I forgot that I had a blog! I had a good time in NY, it was a good experience.


Since my last blog "New York Effect," I have been shooting like a mad man.  I shot around New York.  I went to Washington Heights where all the Dominicans live, cruised around Manhattan. I even went to little South America on Roosevelt street.

There is a lot of Latino culture there, especially Sur America.  The last few days we decided to work on a music video.  It was my way of saying thank you for being a part of this documentary. I had no problem to making their video with them. If there is a way I can help and give back to them, this would be it.  We basically shot around New York and places we visited.  I have been editing as we speak. I think its going to come out cool. I am going to make it an "underground" type of video.  What's cool about the video is that FenemoDon is featured in it. So that means the video will continue in D.C. It just happened to work out that way.

One last things. Word up to Brooklyn! I have a friend that lives that way.  New York will always be in my heart.  There is a lot love here. Who knows, maybe I'll move out there.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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