Monday, January 10, 2011

New York in Effect

It is Jan 10 and it was a crazy past weekend.  We worked and got down!  Reyes are no joke, they are the real deal. Their all about work and i like that. That's what I came down here to do. I was feeding so much off their energy, that I would loose track of time and forget that I was filming in New York. That's how much I was into it this weekend. On Friday we shot the main interview as we had our one-on-one. It went really well. I got a good sense of who they really are and what they represent. Before I would here their music, but who is really behind the mic? That was my job to find out.  As a group and being together for so long, it amazing that they continue to preach their sounds.  They have a lot of passion for their craft. I can appreciate that in an artist.  While doing the interview, I realized how different they were from each other as well. They had different personalities. One was more laid back and the other was more vocal. But when they get on stage or if they're in the studios, they make magic happen. The two really compliment each other. They both have good chemistry and they make it work considering being opposite from one another. The group interview was solid and I learned what "Reyes Del Bajo Mundo" is all about - two incredible minds! Since they were a group I came with an idea that I wanted to show them and interview them individually.  We worked it out in the busy weekend schedule and made it happen.

From Left to Right: Cruz and Dinamico
On early Saturday morning, I interviewed Dinamico, he took me around known areas around queens. One was by the beach called long beach.  It was really cool. We went their because Reyes shot one of their first videos on the boardwalk.  I asked a series of questions, so that I can know what he's about and understand him more. I thought it went well. I can't wait to edit it.  One thing I want people to realize in this doc is that... i will be honest with this piece. Hopefully, people will get grasp of every individual, so that you can understand where the music is coming from.  As a filmmaker, I am always glad that I can flip on the ON-button and capture real life. If its not being documenting, then its not really happening! Well in my case it is happening.

Since we shot really early, Dinamico took a break and I met up with Cruz, the other half of the group. we went to a different part of queens... Far Rockaway. This is another Latino area, but mostly a lot of Central Americans are present in this part of town.  We walked around and I learned that this was one the areas that  Cruz use to live in. I was able to get personal with him as well.  I really want to show that they are not only artists', but they are real people who are trying to live their dream.  Its only natural to show that. I really wanted to prevent my doc becoming a one big Music Video.  So it was important to get detailed and learn somewhat who I am following. At this point I feel like I am getting to know Queens where, Reyes Del Bajo Mundo was born.  I was getting good material. The day was going good so far.

Once we got done with this portion of the interview, I had  both group members meet up and we continued our journey around NY.  We drove to an area called 5 Points.  This area is probably the most incredible area I have seen in my whole entire life!  It was an area that has abandoned buildings where a non-profit group took over to showcase graffiti art.   Graffiti art was everywhere, it seemed so surreal. It was like a courtyard of four story buildings surrounding the area and from top to bottom, graffiti work was filled. I'm in the process of getting permission to use the footage that I filmed.  But once it is cleared, I will show you some incredible images. There was this one artwork where it was of hip-hop rapper NAS, and over his image was the lyrics of "One Mic."  You can easily stare for hours at ever image. This was like a little city of graffiti work. Personally I have not seen anything like this. I did an interview at this area with Reyes because since their music is hip-hop, I wanted to show that graffiti is also part of a sub culture of hip-hop. They come hand-to-hand.  It was a good Saturday. I shot for most of the day.

Sunday, I went to one of the main spots of Queens, Jamaica. This is the area where Reyes spent most of their time.  Jamaica was cool. It reminded me Los Angeles, it was a combination of Van Nuys strip  and the alley's of downtown.  Queens is no joke! Its a very commercial area and a happening place.  If you ever happen to be in Jamaica, you have to try some coconut meat patties. They are tasty. They stuff meat into a bread and then they fry it, then they put a coconut fried bread over the meat patty. All I know It was good. I happen to get some b-roll and get some footage of the group walking around the area.  They even took me to an area where they shot "Cream" from the Wu Tang Clan. Check out that video and I can say I know where that place is.

Whats funny is I even found a Salvadoran Restaurant in Jamaica. I had to walk in and order some stuff. I am in New York getting some Salvi food. You know how I do it!

These guys are always staying active ...  later that Sunday night, Reyes had a Internet radio interview. We drove to the spot and it was a start-up Internet radio company who is helping Latino artist get their name out there.  I like the radio interview because they were being interactive with people who were on-line.  These guys are doing it and I'm glad that I am here to witness it.

It was a busy weekend, but I never have a problem when I am filming.

Junior Gonzalez
The Filmmaker

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